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Embrace nature's touch for healthier, more radiant hair that shines with vitality. Let's aureoleee give your look more elegance!





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Aureolee is not just a beauty store; it's an experience of self-discovery and pampering.

Our hair treatments are meticulously crafted to nourish both your locks and your spirit, utilizing the finest natural ingredients to breathe life and vitality into your hair.

From revitalizing treatments that restore your hair's natural luster to creative transformations that embrace your unique style, our skilled experts are dedicated to crafting moments of beauty that transcend the superficial.

But Aureolee is more than the sum of its treatments – it's a place where connections are forged, and dreams are unveiled.

Our lash appointments frame not just your eyes, but the windows to your soul, enhancing your natural allure and fostering a sense of mesmerizing confidence.

Our bespoke beauty packages are carefully curated journeys, uniting different treatments into a harmonious symphony of self-indulgence.

At Aureolee, we invite you to step into our world, where beauty is an art form, self-care is a priority, and each visit is a chapter in your personal story of radiance.

Woman wearing face mask with braided hair in salon getting her hair groomed with oil

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Makeup artist sticks false eyelashes of african american girl. Evening make-up. Closeup portrait.


"My lashes have found their ultimate glam partner. The extension experience was pure artistry – comfortable, seamless, and utterly mesmerizing. I'm walking with a fluttery, newfound confidence. Huge thanks to the skilled hands at Aureoleee for giving me a spellbinding lash transformation!"

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